Manifestation Maven Interview

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“Can a movie change your life?”
“Does what you watch really make a difference in who you are and how you’re living?”
“How much do you think television and film influence what people are willing to consider – what they’re willing to believe?”
“How did it change you?”
“Are you any different since you’ve done these films?”
“At the risk of trying to tell people what to do, do you have some advice for someone who IS interested in having a life that is happier, that is more at ease?”

A 33-minute conversation with Kimberly Schneider.

“Helping exceptional individuals explore and expand their potential.”

The Manifestation Maven – Kimberly Schneider

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“All is well.”

The Law of Attraction – Abraham-Hicks

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“So go ahead now. Ask Me anything.”

Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

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The way things work.

Kryon – Lee Carroll

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“Free your mind.”

The Matrix Trilogy – Wachowski Brothers

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“transcendent ambient”

Light Traveller- Mike Carss

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