Neale Donald Walsch –
God’s Latest Scribe?

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“The truth is, God talks to everybody.
The good and the bad. The saint and the scoundrel.
And certainly all of us in between”

- Neale Donald Walsch

Recent audience feedback

  • “We were covered in goose bumps”
  • “Riveting, thought-provoking and entertaining.”
  • “What an INTIMATE experience you provide for the viewer.”
  • “The subject matter reminded me of how a symphony can move me to tears.”

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Teaser Trailers + Preview:

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“Travel inward…”

“Slip the surly bonds …”

Theo – how to meditate:

“Wear comfortable clothes.
Sit in a comfortable chair.
Focus on your breathing.
When your mind wanders – and it will –
release the thought and refocus on your breathing.”

Who Did What

Executive Producer: Peter Beamish
Cast: Neale Donald Walsch
Peter Beamish
Music: Cliff Martinez
Director of Photography: Scott Plante
Additional Camera: Jeff Lively
Video Post: Pavel Chichagov
Audio Post: David Burns
Music Clearance: David Powell
Lauren Rasmussen
Movie Clearance: Karen Dola
DVD Mastering: Mike Carss
Distribution: Hay House
Cinematography & concept: Peter Beamish
Music: Vladimir Mueler

“We’re still buzzing.”

Some of our favourite comments from Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, various forums, message boards, blogs and articles.

  • “Absolutely brilliant! What a perfect follow-up for anyone who has read ‘Conversations with God’. It’s so hard not to use the clichés like ‘compelling’ and ‘thought provoking’. …… pure joy!
  • “The opening is visually powerful and fills us with anticipation.”
  • “An incredible video headful ! We feel like a real epiphany has been handed to us.”
  • “I confess that I have given up on TV. But with episodes like this, I might very well be convinced to buy cable and begin watching again. Profound. I wish I could express the gratitude I feel and my enthusiasm for seeing this go mainstream.”
  • “Something very magical and powerful was at work. I know it.”
  • “Truly inspiring! One can’t get enough of this stuff.”
  • “Awesome. It will take a giant step in revolutionizing TV. Kudos for your courage and determination.”
  • “It’s great. The show is fabulous. I’m lovin’ it.”
  • “Amazing! Impressive! Fabulous! Remarkable! Compelling!”
  • “I for one was blown away! What a fantastic concept – and great execution.”
  • “I was amazed, inspired and enlightened.”
  • “WOW! Your DVD is AMAZING! What an INTIMATE experience you provide for the viewer!”
  • “Our two young sons watched with us and you wouldn’t believe the wonderful conversations the show produced, the questions it sparked in their young minds.”
  • “Neale covered us with goose bumps. Your work is wonderful, in EVERY way.”
  • “The DVD was awesome! I felt the energy you put into this one. I loved the editing, and the feeling of the music. This is really a change from the normal, and very well done. Congratulations. I’ve been “in the business” all my life. Nothing much can impress me technically. But artistically, I’m open to see what a person has to offer. You really hit the mark. The whole thing just “felt” very good. Kudos, my friend. This is NOT easy.”
  • “It felt like we were there with you and that there was no space, time or distance between us. I felt a real sense of genuineness to your work. It had integrity, creativity and clarity. Without any of these it would not be what it is.”
  • “Congratulations! – you’ve zigged while everyone’s zagging!”
  • “I loved the power of the words and the way they were intermingled as one sentence replaced each other…they still made sense together. Visually powerful and it fills us with anticipation.”
  • “TV at its best. I’m looking forward to whatever your next program may be.”
  • “Wish I could express the gratitude I feel and the enthusiasm I have for seeing this go mainstream. My emotions seem to be overriding my vocabulary right now ”¦ The potential here is infinite! Way to go Aura Productions!”
  • “I would enthusiastically recommend this DVD to anyone with an interest in Neale Donald Walsch, whether you are a long-time fan and have read all his books like me, or if you are just starting out and want to get to know the author better. Peter Beamish does an amazing job interviewing Neale, asking poignant, meaningful questions and then being patient enough to let Neale respond with as full and complete an answer as possible. I was inspired by watching this film, I hope you are, too!”
  • What a perfect follow-up for anyone who has read ‘Conversations with God’. It’s so hard not to use the clichés like ‘compelling’, ‘thought provoking’, and ‘wow’. I can’t wait to watch it again…… Pure joy!