Peter Beamish Biography

Peter BeamishPeter Beamish spent 20 years in broadcast and corporate television as everything from cable-wrapper to mobile TV cameraman. He’s been a producer, director, writer, editor and interviewer – often travelling the world to stage live events or shoot interviews.

His last ‘normal’ job was in the late ‘90s in high tech. “Two thousand employees and I had the best job in the building” says Peter. “A six-figure salary, a corporate AMEX card, a fantastic boss, and my job took me to places like Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, Australia, Europe and all over America. Really. I had a very sweet career going. AND – I knew it.”

But he eventually walked-away from it all. “Something was nagging at the back of my mind. There was this other thing that I wanted to do, although I wasn’t exactly sure what this ‘other thing’ was.”

Then came the 1-2-3 knockout punch of Neo, Osho and Abraham.
“My first three spiritual teachers.” Peter explains.

“I stepped outside the theatre after seeing The Matrix and the world was somehow slightly tilted. It never did straighten-out for me again.” Then (60’s mystic) Osho “rocked his world”. And then, he says, “when Abraham first came through my earphones they stopped me dead in my tracks. Literally. I couldn’t walk and listen at the same time – it was THAT powerful.”

Peter simply walked away from his happy, secure nine-to-five world and created Aura Productions – or more simply put –

“I’m now completely smitten with all things metaphysical. I’m a kid again. A kid in a candy store.” now produces a steady stream of cool video stuff. Their first DVD, Introducing Abraham: The secret behind The Secret? is a stunning piece of work. A trilogy of episodes – it literally has to be seen to be believed. has also produced a DVD on Lee Carroll – channeller for Kryon called The Whole Story, and – releasing this July through Hay House – Introducing Neale Donald Walsch – God’s Latest Scribe? also produces the bi-monthly Law of Attraction in Action DVD series featuring highlighted Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing Workshops. And has a series aimed at plugged-in teens called, In Other Words – Deeply Chilled Television.

Peter sums it all up by commenting, “I used to say I had the best job in the building. Now, I say I have the best job on the planet.”