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Crop Circles – Quest for Truth

William Gazecki

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“Spun out over you.”

Going in Circles – Isaac Hayes

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“The crop circle phenomenon is a cosmic phenomenon. It is a co-creation between humans, off-planet intelligence and Earth elements. There are no simple answers to the nature of this phenomenon. It is the great mystery of the time of transition.”

“There are many reasons for the appearance of each circle and many meanings. It is unwise to seek simplified answers. Of course, logical desire answers, but these gifts are a mystery beyond any ability that the logical mind has to understand or define the miracle of each gift. However, they are an invitation to explore expanded consciousness through the powerful language of symbols and sacred geometry. Each crop circle is a portal to the mind of the universe, the mind of creation.”

”” Laiolin and the Crop Circle Makers

Sedona Journal March, 2009