It’s the Break of Dawn

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“Welcome to your life.
There’s no turning back.”

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

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“One aligned human is more powerful
than millions who are not.”

The Law of Attraction – Abraham-Hicks

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You are bigger than your body gives you credit for.

Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer

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“Force does not create your world any longer.”

Sananda – Lois Hartwick

Sedona Journal ”” April 2005


“Only the beginning
of what I want to feel forever.”

Beginnings – Chicago

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“Time to divorce it. To divorce misery.
To lose the oldest habit of the human mind.”

Courage. The Joy of Living Dangerously – Osho

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“The Sun is rising after eons of sunsets.”

The Councils of Unity – Helenita Ziegler

Sedona Journal ”” September 2007


“Come with me, leave yesterday behind.
And take a giant step outside your mind”

Take a Giant Step – Gerry Goffin & Carole King

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“Never before on Earth
have there been so many changes, so fast.”

The Council of 12 – Selacia

Sedona Journal ”” February 2008


“Laughter and joy
are the ingredients of the new world.”

Merlin – Miriandra Rota

Sedona Journal ”” October 2006


“That which you have been waiting for is at hand.”

Gaia – Pepper Lewis

Sedona Journal ”” November 2006


“Abre Los Ojos.”

Alejandro Amenábar & Mateo Gil

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“The wind is now at your back.”

Kuthumi – Carol Sydney

Sedona Journal ”” August 2007


“You are more awake now
than ever before.”

Merlin – Miriandra Rota

Sedona Journal ”” December 2007


“War is over!
If you want it.”

Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon

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“The coming days will reveal the truth
of who you really are.”

Master Djwhal Khul – Kathlyn Kingdon

Sedona Journal ”” February 2008

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“You are the creator of your reality
and that reality is created from thought.”

Nademus – Brenda Hill

Sedona Journal ”” Nov 2007


“We are coming into a time
of a new world being constructed
and an old one falling away.”

Lord Maitreya – Lois Hartwick

Sedona Journal ”” March 2008


“Calling out around the world
are you ready for a brand new beat?”

Dancing in the Streets – Stevenson, Gaye & Hunter

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“ You’ve got to let it all go.
Fear. Doubt. Disbelief.
Free your mind.”

The Matrix – The Wachowski Brothers

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“You sit at the edge
of yet another wonderful leap in evolution.”

the group – Steve Rother

Sedona Journal ”” October 2007

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“Everything in your future
is a figment of your imagination.
So why not imagine the most exquisitely wonderful
future for yourself?”

Archangel Michael – Ronna Herman

Sedona Journal ”” April 2005


“There is nothing to worship.
There is everything to discover.”

Kryon – Lee Carroll

Sedona Journal ”” March 2005

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“It’s the break of dawn.”

Break of Dawn – Michael Jackson

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Waves of Gold

Cinematography & concept – Peter Beamish

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“A channel is a conductor of energy, not words.” ”” Gaia

“All creativity is a form of channelling.” ”” Spandia

“You don’t call the basketball player a channeller, but he IS.”Â ”” Abraham