Living on the Edge of Adventure

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“Everything is so monumentally perfectly orchestrated”


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“A master in the art of chill.”

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The Iridescent Pool

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“How does the law of attraction work with natural disasters such as hurricanes and tidal waves?”

Q: Do you accept that your planet is a living being?

A: Yes

Q: That is constantly finding its balance?

A: Yes

Q: And do you call that a good thing or a bad thing?

A: A no-thing. It’s just the way it is.

Well we call it a really, really, really good thing.

A: We think it is a wonderful thing that your Earth is positioned in it’s orbit in the perfect proximity with the pull of magnetic interchange with everything else around it. That it maintains it’s orbit and it’s balance. And everything about that is so monumentally perfectly orchestrated, it’s just hard to get your thoughts around just how much well-being is going on in the perfection of the balance of your planet.

We think when you watch the television and you see the disasters that are brought about by your Earth’s rebalancing – the weather patterns or the earthquake or whatever is happening, we don’t think you’re having no thought. We think you’re having thought that is detrimental to your alignment with well-being thought – you see.

So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would be working to align with the idea of this safe universe in which you live. And we would be appreciating our place in this time-space reality, and in that appreciation you will always be in the vibrational attitude that will always inspire you to be in the right place at the right time.

If we were standing in your physical shoes and we heard information such as that we would decide one of two things.

We would decide, “well I am no longer wanting to live the drama and trauma of hurricanes, which I believe will be more prevalent for a while and therefore I’m going to relocate to a place where it is more unlikely.” Or, we would say, “the trauma and drama of the hurricane does not affect me so much. I have put myself in a well structured house which can easily withstand the brunt of this.”

And so there are many things that you can do to bring yourself into alignment. But it’s your personal alignment that is necessary. Let’s say that you live on the beach in Florida and you’ve decided that you’re going to stay there and take your chances. But you’re going to improve your probability of doing well by choosing a structure that is extremely well-made and by choosing landscape that can be easily replaced. And you’re going to enjoy the sun while it shines and you’re not going to worry too much about the wind when it blows. And you figure that you’ll evacuate when it does and that your structure will be alright. And it will be another sort of new beginning and that the whole adventure is fun for you. And that you’re in alignment with it and you know that hurricanes. And you know that hurricanes have always been a part of life here. And as you do a little studying you know that there are patterns where increases in some seasons. But you know that this have ever been thus and here Florida stands. And sometimes it is a house cleaning but the land always survives. New generations come and rebuild. And that you’re at one with it. And you feel fine about it. And so you’ve brought yourself into vibrational alignment.

Because you’re in that vibrational alignment – in that connection – even using that as your reason for connection – you would always be in the right place at the right time. And if there were something looming in the future that would not allow you to maintain this balance that you’ve lined-up with, you would get an overwhelming impulse to go someplace else.

But we can’t teach anyone from their place of fear, to make the right decision.

In other words, those that offer warnings that say, “Oh, danger here. Everybody get out.” First of all, they don’t leave. And those that listen, often just listen in fear and make their experiences worse.

We really want you to come to the place where you expect well-being to be yours. And you line up with it on subjects of earthquakes and subjects of tsunamis and subjects of hurricanes and subjects of cancer and subjects of not enough money. You line up on it. On every subject that you have the opportunity. You just find a way. “If I’m gonna think about this I’m going to find a way of thinking about it that I can live with. And when you make that emotional journey again and again and again and before you know it – you’re someone who lives in a vibration of well-being. And when you’re someone who lives in a vibration of well-being, the seas will part for you. Heaven and Earth will move. Things happen and you’re always the one who’s standing there unscathed because your vibration does not allow other than that.

And any time you see something else being lived it is because there is something else going on in the vibration.

Yes, Law of Attraction is intimately precise.

We wouldn’t go to an area if we believed it was an area that was doomed. But we would go to an area and change our belief to understand that no area is doomed. You’re not being picked out because you’re in a mass consciousness that is thinking negatively. You have individual resources that make you independently in a place of well-being no matter what. And if you watch for it you see evidence of that everywhere.

There are those who like to be in a place where they don’t even have to give a thought to anything like that. There are those who frankly, like the drama of it. We notice that people clamor to build back on those treacherous beaches because there is more good going for it than bad going for it you see.

And then there is a whole mass consciousness that criticizes you, who says, “You should run for the hills like the rest of us and you should deprive yourself of the joy and beauty of the beach and opt for safety like many others are choosing.” And we say if we were standing in your physical shoes we would live out there on the edge of adventure, understanding that well-being will follow us wherever we go. That’s what we would work for. And then we would just zig and zag amongst the others and when they say, “How is it that well-being seems to follow you wherever you go?” You say, “Somehow I just got focused on well-being and the more I focused upon it the more it came and the more it came, the more I looked at it and the more I looked at it, the more it came and the more it came and the more I looked at it. And they say, “Well you must have been born in the perfect place at the perfect time.” And you say, “No I wasn’t. But I learned to focus in a way that felt better all the time. I’m always reaching for the best feeling thought that I can find from wherever I am. And now, after practising it for two weeks, I’m really good at it.”

Q: Enough?

A: Yes. Thank you.

”” Abraham

Boston, Massachusetts May 27th, 2006