The Art of Allowing

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“ Soothe and appreciate You now.”


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Someone handed Jerry & Esther a book that was written in the 1930’s…

And so as Jerry was reading this little book, the author – a woman – was talking about
“what an extraordinarily fast-moving environment we are all living in, in this modern day” and “how hard it is to keep up.”

And Esther nearly drove off the road in the Monster Bus as Jerry was reading this to her because she had been working to get her satellite dishes to work and working to get the communication between the office to work and had been talking just hours before about this bleeding edge that they are living on in terms of technology.

And Esther was longing for the good ‘ole days – just a little bit.

And then she is reading – from a woman’s perspective who was at that time ON the leading edge (because the Now always is the leading edge, isn’t it?) – who was in her day, struggling to keep up with what was new.

It was interesting, as Esther listened to Jerry read this woman’s account of what it was like then – brief smatterings of it available to them – it was interesting to realise, most everyone who is standing in their leading edge place has this sense of URGENCY about getting to the point of completion!
Getting it figured out! Getting it solved!

And there was something SO interesting to Esther as she is listening to this woman speaking about solving it all, way, way, way, way, way back when. And Esther couldn’t help but notice that between 1930 and today – it didn’t get solved!
And it didn’t get finished! It didn’t get completed!

And all of that striving seemed… ill-placed.

And we want to say to you, “It IS!”
It IS ill-placed if you’re trying to get things fixed. If you’re trying to figure it all out. If you’re trying to get to the place that you think you were sent here BY GOD to conclude.

But when you get it –
that whether you’re focused in 1930 or 1940 or whether you’re focused right here today
– that your work is about, being, observing, vibrating, concluding new preference, aligning with preference”¦
and the world just goes round and round and round and round”¦ for what?


We want you to figure out – for what?

Were those in the 1930’s sent here to make it some way so that by some deadline it would be some way? So many want you to believe that. “Gotta get ready. Gotta get ready. Gotta get ready. Gotta get ready.” For WHAT?
For eternity?
For eternalness?
For more opportunity to BE?

What is it for?

What is any of it for?
What has any of it ever been for?
What will any of it ever be for?

What it is for, is for your creative pleasure, in your Now.

It is for your opportunity to conclude whatever you would prefer. And your opportunity to align that preference with the Source that is You. And when you use the guidance that comes form from within you to help you know whether you are in sync with the desires you have set forth or whether you have not”¦
then you are in alignment.
Then you are in alignment with your Now.
Then you are in alignment with your Source.
Then you are in alignment with All That Is.
Then you are living that which you came forth to live.

When you decide that you are going to go on a vacation, do you tell your friends, “I’m going to meet these specific requirements? There are many things I NEED to do and I’m getting them done. And I’ll be back when I have fulfilled this responsibility.” Or do you go for another reason?
Like pleasure.
And adventure.
And stimulation.
And exhilaration.
And refreshment.

And so this is what we want you to realise that you have come forward into this physical experience about.

You didn’t come on a mission to save the world.

Or to fix the world.
Or to correct the world.
Or to make the world see the errors of their ways.
You didn’t come forth to align the world – to unite the world. You didn’t come forth to do anything other than, have your experience, give birth to your preferences, align with your own preferences and live happily ever after!

You didn’t come to earn worthiness. You already ARE worthy!
You didn’t come forth to become intelligent. You already ARE intelligence!
You didn’t come forth to achieve Godliness. You already ARE God!

You came forth for the pleasure of being the powerful creator that you are.

And you knew that there would be a world full of others doing the same thing. And that you would mix and match. And sometimes you would agree. And often you would not agree. But out of all of it, a powerful thing would happen.

New ideas would be born.

And you knew that the new idea would be born and that you would have the opportunity to feel the thrill of being there on the leading-edge where the new idea is born and to reel the RUSH of the creative life-force flowing through your focused viewpoint. And you knew that you would have an emotional centre that would let you know, whether in this moment, the idea that has been born within you aligns with other conclusions that you have already achieved.

For the achievement of what? Expansion?
Yes. But expansion is inevitable. Joy?
YES! For the purpose of joy.

That’s why we all exist. We exist for the thrill of our powerful Now.

So, as you stand in your Now and you’re loving your moment. You are in alignment now, totally with who you are. We call that blending. Some call it, “allowing your soul to be present”. Some call it, “inspired”. Some call it, “tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on”. Some call it, “in the flow”. In other worlds there are a lot of different ways of expressing this connection – this conscious connection with who you are.

We call it, “The Art of Allowing”.

And it is an art because you practice it until you understand how you’re doing within it. The art of deliberately adjusting my vibration as often as I can consciously manage, for the sole purpose of allowing the juncture now of the fullness me, focused through the fullness of me.

So when you meet someone who is achieving that in the moment, the way you would describe them – a variety of different words. You would say, “That’s a happy person”. You would say, “That is such a balanced person”. You would say, “Oh! Do you see how co-ordinated that person is?”

Do you watch the Olympics? Do you see those kids stand on those platforms or get ready for their race? Do you see them aligning with who they are? – or working to do that. Do you see them recognising that they have a higher power? They have a broader perspective. They have untapped resources that they want to align with right here and now.

Do you see the physician – the surgeon – in the midst of his surgery, SO focused on what he is wanting to achieve and SO wanting to be as steady as he can be
and as inspired as he can be
and as guided as he can be
and as in alignment as he can be
and as intuitive as he can be
– as tuned-in tapped-in turned-on as he can be?

Do you see the musician who is so at one with his instrument that it seems as if there is no separation whatsoever? And the music flows through him in a magical rhythm that sets you upside-down, turns you inside-out as you hear the harmony of his Source flowing through his instrument.

You never said, “I will come forth and go it alone”. You always said, “I will come forth and allow that which is Source to – ‘demonstrate’ is the word in the book Jerry read – demonstrate through me. I will be Source Energy in physical form. In fact, I will be me”.

So, who are you? Who are you?

Well we want to tell you, you are magnificent.
You are genius.
You are at the right place at the right time.
You’re doing just fine.

And as you work to appreciate and approve of who you are right here, right now – instead of working so hard to compare yourself with every other point of consciousness on the planet – if you will let your variety inspire you to your personal preference. Will you not worry about how anybody else is doing and you will let your dominant desire be, to align with you, to align with you, to align with you, to align with you.

Now you can be a member of this diverse universe, unique in your way, magnificent in your unique way, complete in your unique way, and most importantly, therefore, HAPPY in your unique way.

That’s what we wish for you.

We wish every moment of your experience to be joyful – like it is for us. We want you to look around your world and not worry, but revel in its beauty. We want you to look around your own life and not worry, but revel in its magnificence. We want you to look at your own body and not knit-pick about a wrinkle or an extra pound”¦ or twenty or thirty or forty or fifty. We want you to look at yourself and ADORE yourself.

Because if you will make this small effort, to appreciate You and what is yours now – you will soften SO quickly – the resistance that has been keeping you apart from the things you want.

It is the magic formula that you have been looking for.

It is the key to your blending.
It is the key to your allowing.
It is the key to you getting what you want.
It is the key to your abundance.
It is the key to clarity.
It is the key to your stamina.
It is the key to your energy.
It is the key to your vitality.
It is the key to your flexibility.
It is the key to your wellness.
It is the key to all things that feel good to you.

Making some small effort – every chance you get – at looking at where you stand now, and doing your best to soothe and appreciate you now.
To soothe and appreciate you now.
To soothe and appreciate you now.

”” Abraham

Albuquerque, New Mexico September 1st, 2004