The Meaning of Life

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“To feel the exhilaration of a new idea
coming to fruition.”


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“Can one claim to really know a dream?”

Dream – Jonathan Cooke

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What is the purpose of life? It is joy.
What is the reason for life? It is joy.
What is the basis of life? It is freedom.
What is the result of life? It is expansion.

What is the reason that you came forth into this physical experience?
You wanted more.
You wanted more exposure to more opportunity to have more feelings.
So, the meaning of life – it sounds strange to say it – but the meaning of life is life!

It’s to feel life pouring through you.
To feel the exhilaration of a new idea coming to fruition.
To feel yourself ‘not right on it’ and then work yourself until you are on it.
To have a new idea occur to you
and recognize that you’re not a vibrational match to it
and then to deliberately become a vibrational match to it.
All of that is fun. And all of that is life.

And then,
to see manifestation happen in response to the alignment that you’ve achieved.
And then to now have a new platform, because now that you have achieved that,
your vantage point is different. And so now all of your opportunities are different.
And so now your birthing of ideas is different.
And now the crevasse between where you are and where you now want to be,
or that which part of you has become has changed ever so slightly.
And now you have yet another opportunity to come into alignment with that.

So, the meaning of life and the reason for life, is for the thrill of life!

That would be like saying, “Why does someone ride the wave on their surf board?
What is the practical purpose for it?”
“Well, we do it because we’re trying to smooth out the ocean.
No – that, that can’t be right.”
“Well, we’re doing it because we want to teach the fish how to swim on top of the water. No – that can’t be right. Why are we doing it?”
Well, because it gives us a sort of thrill when we do it.

Life, is life!

”” Abraham