The Law of Attraction in Action: Six

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Format: NTSC
Language: English
Region: 0 (no regional security)
Aspect Ratio: standard 4×3 (1:33:1)
Number of Discs: 2
Studio: Hay House
Run Time: 227 minutes (3 hours 47 minutes)

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Product Description:

“Follow the path of enthusiasm.”

Abraham weighs-in on hot topics like climate change, winning the lottery, the chakra system, mediation, finding your path, vibrational communication, past lives, the school system and much more.

Fans around the world continue to praise this DVD series as a unique way to experience Abraham “live”.

Hot Seat Question Details:

“My question is about alignment. I’ve had a desire for many years, to win the lottery. I feel very worthy of it. I’m happy when I see other people win… I want to be really rich. I want to help other people. And I want to be able to prove to myself that I can manifest this desire.”

“As I understand chakras, they are energy portals to the physical form and the energy patterns one holds within these different chakras, influences one’s choices and attracts by the nature of the energy that lies there… My question is about the validity of the chakra system and trying to work with it on daily choices and issues.”

He still can’t see his long-sought path. Abraham talks about giving your undivided attention to that which you have really become. They also talk about focussing on the pleasure of an experience in order to manifest it.

“One of the big topics these days, that is a subject of heated discussion and political activity, is, climate change – global warming. Understanding that you look at things from a different perspective than most of us, I was wondering if you could enlighten us as to whether or not we should be doing something, or if it will all take care of itself anyway?”

“My brother Larry has Cerebral Palsy. He has a lot of love in him. He’s somewhat savant. I’m one of his care-givers. It’s really difficult for me to communicate with him… He doesn’t get specific answering questions. I would like to have some insight from you Abraham, on how I can align myself with him – vibrationally.”

“I’m attached to this belief that I’m not safe. The feeling is around being very visible. I believe – from past lifetimes – that when I’ve been visible – I’ve been killed.” Abraham discusses the concept of past lives.

“I’m a psychotherapist. Is it of value to take a client back to relive trauma, so they can release feelings?” AND “How does the Emotional Guidance System work with people with ‘anti-social personality disorder’ – the mean, cruel people who seem to have no remorse?” AND “Regarding sexual abuse: How could it be manifested by the victim – by the pre-teen girl or boy?”

His son is struggling in school. “How do you deal with the school administration when they call you and tell you his skills aren’t up to par?”

“Life is an adventure – not a test.”

Five-Star Snippets

Amazing answers! (Canada)
Another great DVD of Abraham’s teachings! I loved the answers,which not only make you understand the questions asked, but your own too. It is a CLICK of AHA! to a lot of things we keep wondering inside. I have watched it 3 times so far, and every time I watch it I find new understanding.

Delighted! (Malaysia)
I recommend this DVD to anyone who is open minded and ready to take your spiritual walk to a different level.

Empowering (Sydney, Australia)
Without question, the very best of the workshops I have purchased from Abraham-hicks. I find the material richer, more poignant, more relevant and more empowering than previous workshops, which when released was still on the cutting edge of free thinking. If ever you want to find a source of information that will help anyone find their focus in life or resolve any issue, this is it!

The WAY is easy and FUN (Boise, ID)
I have spent 35 years searching for meaning and purpose. Abraham tells it in ways that are easy, fun and totally on track,..Happiness comes quickly with little but effective effort. Fulfilment of desires are a by-product that naturally follow… Fantastic!!!

I Can Feel It Now! (Tarzana, CA)
I have read the books, been to the workshops, listened to CDs and watched other DVDs and love them all, but nothing to date has struck me the way this one did! Abraham spoke in away that was “over the top” that resonated with me and turned on the light for me better than ever. The best part is that it has stuck with me – I am able to catch myself right at the beginning of an upstream thought and turn it around right away; I can finally feel it as it is happening; I feel so happy and hear it and feel it in myself everyday. The clarity that this DVD has brought into my world is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend this DVD to those that need that light turned on high!


Esther and Jerry Hicks are two grown-up children out for a good time! They cruise the highways of the USA, travelling from workshop to workshop, allowing attendees to visit with Abraham and ask any and all questions. The results stream forth in the form of books, CDs, DVDs and more.