The Law of Attraction in Action: Three

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San Diego, California

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Number of Discs: 2
Studio: Hay House
Run Time: 211 minutes (3 hours 31 minutes)

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Product Description:

“Stop ‘telling it like it is’ and start telling it like you want it to be”

Motivation vs. inspiration. Action vs. chilling. Overbearing bosses, incurable illnesses, world peace, and, Abraham responds to an American’s loss-of-freedom concerns. This one’s going to leave you really refreshed!

Hot Seat Question Details:

“I’m writing a novel about total, permanent world peace and prosperity, and I would like guidance from you.”

“I would love to go on the Hawaii cruise. At first I thought – that would be really nice. But then I thought – I don’t have the money and I’d have to work extra shifts, what about my son… So I want you to help me get in alignment with going on the cruise”

“I’ve been writing children’s books and trying to get them published. I’m completely in love with how they are coming out. I keep writing them and they’re stacking up. I’m OK with just loving them and letting them be there, but I also realise that I have to be proactive and keep sending them out. That’s my dilemma. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?”

“I feel like my canoe has an anchor… How do we identify these things that are holding us back? And how do we get rid of those things?”

“I got a notification from the cable company telling me that my Social Security Number, number of bathrooms, how many TV sets I have, what I’ve looked at on the Internet, all of my email, anything said on the phone, is now subject to federal investigation and will be turned over without a subpoena… I want to go with the flow, but I feel like we have a responsibility not to let government take over our freedoms.”

“I’m here with someone who is really feeling pulled and torn regarding their child and a promised Trust for the child’s education that the step-parent is not turning over. They’re back and forth with lawyers… What do they do? How far do they take it?”

“I have a really strong imagination and I find myself really good at manifesting things that I want. And I find that it also happens in a negative way. My imagination takes off and I’ll think of horrible things that can happen, and I hold it so hard that I think I’m going to manifest that!”

“I’ve always had a desire to have children. And I’ve always had a standard that I wanted those children to come through an extraordinary relationship. And I’m 49 & I have the right man and they still haven’t come… My question is, what can I do or not do to align with that creation?”

“I really want to own my own business… For that and for everything else, do you just calm down and let it happen or do you have to take any kind of proactive action?” AND “Is there a fundamental difference between the energy that comprises men and women?”

“I have this situation with my boss who said ‘We’re changing your job description and you should like it – and I don’t want to hear if you don’t like it.’ … I know I can’t change her… I have this desire to be heard, to be treated with respect, and to do the kind of work that I love.”

“You don’t create your life through action.
Action is how you enjoy what you’ve lined up with energy.”

Five-Star Snippets

Always pleasant being on the leading edge (Wisconsin)
It’s so great to see Esther, Jerry, and Abraham interacting with fellow creators on video at these workshops. You will normally get a sense of peace inside just listening to Abraham on audio. That peaceful feeling is amplified even more once you see them on video, and I’m sure many times more in person.

It’s all about feeling better. (Maryland)
I have been an Abraham student for 3 years now. Every year I gain more and more insight about life. I listen to the same material again and again. When time passed by, my experiences brought me to the new understanding of Abraham’s materials. Abraham makes the law of attraction so simple and very easy to understand. The core of the teaching is just to trust that the Universe can bring everything and anything you desire and your work is just being happy at where you are and eager for more of what you want. I see my life changing so much since I listened to Abraham. I get a wonderful job, get out of debt, get along with my family, and get an amazing relationship. Everything is falling into place. What keeps me being where I want to be is Abraham’s insightful words.

The Law of Attraction Episode III (California)
As always, these Abraham DVD’s were amazing. I loved it.

The Law of Attraction in Action 2 DVD set (Canada)
I loved this DVD set! It was validating and inspiring. In this set you get to listen to people ask questions and hear the answers by Esther/Abraham. This gave me a much more in-depth understanding of how to put the Law of Attraction into practice. I wish I had been there at the conference! I find the Hicks work the most substantial source on the Law of Attraction.

Empowering! (Florida)
This DVD is such a gift, you can’t put a value on it. You learn something more each time you watch it. The power of Abraham’s words just send such energy right through me. Thank you for this beautiful awe-inspiring work! I haven’t been disappointed yet with any of their work & I don’t expect to either. It just keeps getting better & better.

New to the Law of Attraction? (London)
I was a bit shocked as I found the information to be very informative. The humour expressed by Abraham is both funny and an eye opener – who would think Divine Source would have such a funny side? Abraham answers all the questions with such clarity, giving several examples to explain even further. Total running time is just over 3 hours.

Gentle powerful wisdom that inspires, uplifts (Neutral Bay, NSW)
The Q&A topics in Episode 3 provide brilliant insights into many common issues: how to recognise your vibrational stance in the moment; how to pay attention to thoughts and feelings with a view to improving your point of attraction; how we may be inadvertently pushing away rather than attracting what we want – be that freedom, money, love, the right job, and more. Many pearls to be found!


Esther and Jerry Hicks are two fun-loving adventure-seekers, currently breathing-in huge lungful’s of joy as they figure-8 across the United States in their rock star monster bus, following the good weather, meeting friends along the way and enabling as many people as possible to visit with Abraham during all-day “Art of Allowing” Workshops.