The Law of Attraction in Action: Two

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Portland, Oregon

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Format: NTSC
Language: English
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Aspect Ratio: standard 4×3 (1:33:1)
Number of Discs: 2
Studio: Hay House
Run Time: 216 minutes (3 hours 38 minutes)

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Product Description:

“Give yourself the key to freedom
you’ve been looking for all your life.”

This second workshop-based episode features discussions on: war, peace, and everything in-between. Getting what you want and, just as importantly, not getting what you don’t want!

Plus a couple of especially heavy gems on what it’s like being Non-Physical and the nature of reality itself.

Hot Seat Question Details:

“I have a question about our awareness as creators. The higher we are on the Vibrational Scale, are we more aware that we’re generating our own reality?”

He feels that perhaps he was brainwashed as a child, “My upbringing seemed to be one of training me out of being intuitive and having emotion.” AND he would like to literally “run away and join the circus” and use his Physical Therapist skills in a new arena. AND he’s got a family reunion approaching and is looking for advice about seeing an older brother who he’d rather not see.

“I need clarification on ‘The Dark Side’. I study with amazing healers who tell me to say prayers of protection and to surround myself with white light, and I think – why should I do that?”

“What about people wanting things that the majority of us think is not a good thing?” A discussion about ‘good’ wants vs. ‘bad’ wants and a look at all the laws we have and why we have them.

“Why do we leave pure positive energy to lead a material existence?” AND “I sold my home and put my things in storage to minimise my expenses so I could become more of the solution rather than the problem as I saw it in working in Corporate America.” But her path doesn’t seem to be getting any clearer.

“We are in a war in this country and I’ve tried not to give too much attention to it. However, I have two teenage sons and some people think there’s going to be a draft. I’m wondering about inserting my own values and beliefs into my kids reality.”

“I can understand when people do violent acts and that it makes them feel better than they did. But it’s always hard to me to understand the people who are on the receiving end.”

“My husband and I moved to a small town because we wanted a more simple life – more land around us and a quiet environment. Now, the land beside us has been subdivided. I’ve been believing and envisioning, but they’re going to start cutting down trees. And I know that by pushing against it I’m creating it. ”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” begins Jerry with a mischievous laugh. “We’re basically here for the fun of it. Anything else that is going to happen will be up to you folks!” A look at all the wonderful kibitzing that takes place between Jerry & Esther during a typical workshop.

“You are living POWERFUL lives!”

Five-Star Snippets

Gets Better Every Time I Watch It (Oregon)
…I have been watching this multiple times, first me, then my wife, then my 18 year old son, and this weekend with friends. The depth and clarity of the teachings is wonderful. The selection of topics is superb… What a wonderful teaching tool.

It Just Gets Better & Better (Florida)
…Each time my husband & I watch this video, we hear something profound. Here are the answers to so many questions we struggle with, such as war, peace, and how to follow our inner guidance. We loved the family reunion story that illustrated how to accept people as they are. We really related to the answer about what it really means to “do something of service and give back to the world.” We were delighted with Abraham’s humorous remarks as they lovingly answered so many serious questions. The bonus clip of The Court Jesther was a hoot!

Wow (California) … there’s something wonderful about being able to see Abraham speaking through Esther, and that’s why I love this DVD.

Ah ha! (Miami) … More episodes…..give us more. The water of life. I have looked for spiritual wisdom that really fit all my life. This is it for me.

Episode II DVDs (California) … An amazing DVD. I highly recommend these to all those interested in Law of Attraction and creating a better life for themselves.

Our Wonderful Abraham! (California) … I love this DVD… I just adore watching Esther. I love the hand movements… even her bare feet on her lovely little rug!


Esther and Jerry Hicks have been sharing Abraham’s teachings with the world for over 20 years, resulting in a dream-life of health, wealth and adventure – not only for themselves – but for the many thousands of people worldwide who watch, listen and read along. The core of Abraham’s teachings involve The Law of Attraction, “the most powerful law in the Universe” – combined with practical advice on how to steer your own way down life’s magical road using something they call your “Emotional Guidance System.”