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Here, the expertise of your dermatologist and your unique experience come together in synergy. As a team, we identify personalized solutions that support you on your journey to healthy skin.

We offer private consultations in:

Medical dermatology

Surgical dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology

Live your best skin

At Aura Dermatologie, we understand that when you feel comfortable and safe in your skin, you are empowered to thrive in your personal and professional life. 

This is why we are committed to putting our expertise in over 3000 skin, hair, and nail conditions at your service to meet your needs. 

We strive to deliver our care in a way that is respectful of your values and your time.

Whether it’s for your medical or cosmetic concerns, our approach is strongly rooted in science and medicine and is centered on you. 

Dre. Amina Bougrine, is our medical director and a trusted board-certified dermatologist. She is a graduate of the Universities of Montreal, McGill, and Harvard. With a track record of 10 years of successful practice in the Montreal community and in the academic setting, she begins a new chapter to at Aura Dermatologie to better serve her clientele. 

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